Licensed Massage Practitioners

Shelley Mehner, LMP/Owner

Shelley brings many years of experience to the massage therapy field. She specializes in relaxation massage with deep tissue techniques, shiatsu, Lomi Lomi, and some sports massage. She especially enjoys offering foot reflexology treatments and has trained extensively in this field. Shelley is not practicing as much massage these days as she has more managerial duties to fulfill. However, she cannot totally give up massage as she enjoys helping people rid themselves of stress and pain, making their treatment a short escape from the rest of the world.

Glenn Goleeke, LMP

Glenn trained at Brenneke Massage School and has worked in spas and wellness clinics during his 18 years as a massage therapist. He specializes in both relaxation and injury/medical treatment massage, enhancing his practice with energy work. Whatever aches and pains you have, he can help you.

Jackie Marie James, LMP

Jackie Marie has been an LMP here since 2004. Her main focus is relaxation massage – especially on the neck, hands and feet. She also does great spa treatments, deep tissue, and medical massage. Jackie has a love of essential oils and compliments her massages with her own aromatherapy blends.

Claire Jones, LMP

Claire specializes in deep tissue and relaxation massage.  She is in the process of learning our signature spa treatments and will be offering them soon.

Taleka “Sunshine” Davis, LMP

Taleka has been practicing for over 7 years in both relaxation and treatment massage, working side by side with chiropractors, naturopaths and acupuncturists. She excels at deep tissue massage and helping clients recover from sports injuries, as well as pampering her clients with spa body treatments.

Tess Crawford, LMP

Tess is new to our spa. She has gentle hands and specializes in Swedish relaxation massage.

Licensed Estheticians / Nail Technicians

Mia Yo, LE, LM, Lash Specialist

Mia brings many years of experience with her in nails, skin care and lashes. She gives wonderfully relaxing pedicures and manicures. Mia also gives great facials, spending a lot of attention to detail so that she can develop the best facial treatment for her clientele at each visit. She is especially excited about our Microdermabrasion service. Ask her for more information on Microdermabrasion and if it would work for you!

Independent Contractors

Mix Tradition, LLC

Patricia Quisay, LMP is experienced in deep tissue and relaxation massage as well as medical/injury techniques. She has an intuitive touch and knows right where to go to help relieve stress and pain.

Jenna Phair, LE, Lash Specialist

Jenna attended the Euro Institute of Skincare and wellness, graduating in 2008. She does skin care, lash extensions, and spa body treatments. She enjoys refining her skills and is always learning something new. Jenna is a nurturer at heart and loves catering to your skin care needs, focusing on your customized experience each and every time you visit.