One of our highly trained professionals will customize each treatment to your individual skin care needs, utilizing the most advanced products available. Your skin will feel refreshed and you will look radiant and youthful.

Essential European Facial

The European Facial includes a skin analysis, deep pore cleansing, steam and mild exfoliation. The face, neck, and shoulders are massaged to enhance this relaxing treatment, followed with a treatment mask.

60 minutes – $80

Exfoliate Facial

For those who want extra attention paid to their skin, come in for an exfoliating, hydrating facial. Depending on your skin type, whether it is oily or dry, acneic or dull, aging skin or environmentally damaged, our skilled esthetician will choose the right exfoliating treatment for your skin. After the skin analysis, a deep pore cleansing, steam, exfoliation and treatment mask will follow. The face, neck, and shoulders are also massaged to make this a truly enjoyable treatment. You will leave with healthier, younger looking skin.

60 minutes – $80

Acne Treatment Facial

This treatment facial addresses extra attention to skin congestion and/or helps find a facial routine that works best for your skin. With a detailed skin analysis, our esthetician will help you achieve healthier, glowing skin. Basically you will receive the same as our European Facial, however, depending on your skin, more cleansing, exfoliating and/or moisturizing will be performed as well as any extractions. Get a start on achieving healthier skin today!

60 minutes – $80

Elite Facial

This deluxe 1-1/2 hour facial treatment combines our European Facial with a moisturizing collagen mask. Your choice of a Spa Hand Treatment or Aromatherapy Scalp Treatment is also included to make this a truly pampering experience!

90 minutes – $120

Maintenance Facial

For that on-the-go person who doesn’t have time to enjoy a full hour facial, but who wants that facial pick-me-up, this treatment is just for you! Without all of the bells and whistles, have your skin cleansed, exfoliated and moisturized, leaving with a healthier, more vibrant you. A definite must during that lunch hour or other time of day when you can squeeze it in!

30 minutes – $45

Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial

Reveal fresh, younger, glowing skin with this antioxidant packed facial. Professional strength Alpha Hydroxy Acid will remove signs of aging, followed by layering of Vitamins and Peptides to further treat your skin.

60 minutes – $90

Massage for Health and Day Spa offers the following add-ons to enhance your skin care service.

Collagen Intensive Hydration Mask

A more intensive treatment that helps firm up the face, improve elasticity and hydration. Fight against premature aging, wrinkles and slackening of the skin.

15 minutes – $20

Eye Treatment

Receive the collagen intensive treatment just around the eyes where most of us see aging first.

15 minutes – $15

Hand or Foot Paraffin

Paraffin helps soften the skin as well as loosen up muscles that may be plagued by arthritic conditions, overuse syndrome or just needing extra attention.

15 minutes – $10 / each

Aromatherapy Footbath

Relax with an aromatherapy footbath, a warm neck pack and a cup of hot herbal tea before receiving one of our other fabulous treatments.

15 minutes – $20

Aromatherapy Scalp Treatment

Receive a relaxing aromatherapy hot oil treatment to the scalp and neck with massage and pressure points applied.

15 minutes – $20

Spa Foot Treatment

This service is great by itself or in combination with another service. Receive a warm aromatherapy foot bath followed by a salt exfoliation smoothing away rough skin. Your feet are then dipped into warm paraffin. This treatment is completed with a foot massage, melting away any lingering tension.

30 minutes – $50