Help us welcome Zully, an Energy Worker

My name is Zully and I’m a bilingual (English and Spanish) intuitive energy worker. I use different techniques like Usui Reiki (Universal Energy) to help my clients find what resonates with them on the physical, mental/emotional, or spiritual levels, bringing balance to their entire self from a holistic point of view. Understanding that our natural state is ease, when one experiences a disease, this is usually a manifestation of an imbalance within the energy field.

I like to say that ‘we all are connected, and in understanding this connection, we help each other to keep expanding, growing, and navigating this beautiful journey that we called life.’

Zully is available for 1 hour energy treatments/$120 on Thursdays, 10 am to 5 pm. You can contact her via text at 206-354-3471, or by email at